PAWZ Road Multi-Level Sisal-Covered Scratching Cat Tree

$139.99 CAD
This cat tree is perfect for all kinds of cats. The space-saving size design of the large apartment is perfect for all cats. This is the perfect compact playground for your light-footed tiger. Sharpen its claws, lie down, play, hide; every cat has its own favorite activity on our scratching tree

Features and Benefits

• Multi-level exploration
• Use jute-covered poles to lure cats away from furniture
• Includes ramps
• Comes a dangling ball
• Stable and robust design
• Large size and full sisal column design
• Raised platform edge
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Simple and modern design
• Easy to assemble, includes all required parts and instructions


• 106.00 cm high, 40.00x40.00 cm base

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