Pawz Road Deluxe Large Modern Closet Wooden Cat Tower

$259.00 CAD

Combining people's various needs for cat climbing towers, our designers came up with this ingenious piece. This cat tower incorporates more furniture elements to give your room an upscale look. This is cat tree furniture that combines a cat climbing tower and a cat toilet cabinet into one. All the daily needs of a cat can be done. From climbing, scratching, hiding, and snoozing to going to the toilet, the PAWZ all-in-one cat tree meets all your furry friend's daily needs.

Features and Benefits

• 5-layer platform design
• Use jute-covered poles to lure cats away from furniture
• Stable and robust design
• Comes with cushions, cushions, and pendants
• Raised platform edge
• Equipped with wooden cabinets
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Simple design
• Easy to assemble, includes all required parts and instructions


• 150 cm high, 60.00x55.00 cm base


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