PAWZ Road Wooden Hammock 65.6-inch Large Cat Tree

$179.99 CAD

Provide your favorite feline friend with a healthy place to scratch and explode with our 5-tiered scratch tree. This sturdy tree offers multiple levels for your cat to lounge, stretch, scratch, and jump on while you sit back and relax. Each platform features a soft plush covering with raised edges to allow your cat to rest its head-on. Jute-covered scratch posts and a hanging pom toy provide your cat with interactive play. At the base of the tree, you will find a large plush-lined cubby suitable for small to large cats for the perfect hideaway spot.

Features and Benefits

• Multi-level exploration
• Use jute-covered poles to lure cats away from furniture
• Stable and robust design
• Constructed from CARB-certified natural particleboard
• Comes with cushions and pendants
• Raised platform edge
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Simple and modern
• Easy to assemble, includes all required parts and instructions


• 166.50 cm high, 58.00x40.00 cm base


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