PAWZ Road Plush Large Winter Ramp Cat Tree

$225.00 CAD

Give your favorite feline friend a healthy place to scratch and blast with our 7-tier scratching tree. This sturdy tree provides multiple levels for your cat to rest, stretch, scratch, and jump while you sit back and relax. Each platform has a soft plush covering with raised edges for your cat to rest on. Jute-covered scratch posts, ramps, and hanging pom-pom toys provide interactive play for your cat. 

Features & Benefits

• Plush covered levels for added comfort
• Multiple levels to explore
• Jute covered poles to entice cats away from furniture
• Stable and sturdy design
• The second-level table has a feeding design, and the first- and second-level tables have ramp connections
• Features seven elasticated pom toys
• Raised platform edges
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Minimalistic design
• Easy assembly, includes all pieces and instructions required


• 167.00cm tall, 55.00x60.00cm base


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