PAWZ Road Plush Large Condo Sisal Board Cat Tree

$169.99 CAD

Must-have for a family with cats: Specially designed for kittens or small/medium cats, this kitten tree provides a vertical territory for your cats to climb, play, scratch, establish authority, getaway, or feel safe. It not only keeps your pet healthy and entertained but also keeps it away from your delicate furniture.

Features & Benefits

• Plush covered levels for added comfort
• Multiple levels to explore
• Jute covered poles to entice cats away from furniture
• Stable and sturdy design
• Includes a ramp
• Features two elasticated pom toys
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Minimalistic design
• Easy assembly, includes all pieces and instructions required


• 154.00cm tall, 49.00x82.00cm base


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