Pawz Road Metal Outdoor Portable Camping RV Dog Fences Runs Cage

$25.99 CAD

While feeling the love that pets bring to us, we also think about the issue of space allocation, Dogs are always very energetic. They will interact with humans, but at the same time they will mess up our rooms, sofas, and beds because of excitement. If you are tired of cleaning up the room repeatedly, you can consider using a pet fence to divide the Activity space for you and the dogs, This way of dividing the area is not to isolate your relationship with the dog, but to have more energy to interact with the dog.

Features and Benefits

• Keep Your Pets Safe & House Clean
• Designed with iron metal tube, thickened, Can increase service life
• The surface is treated, no rough, sharp spots that can hurt your pet
• Suit Indoor & Outdoor Application
• Easy to assemble, includes 8 pieces


• 20.00x20.00 cm base

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