Pawz Road Curious Wooden Large Luxury Cat Tree

$199.99 CAD

Cats are natural adventurers and need to climb heights. Curious Wooden Large Luxury Cat Tree features a multi-level design with scratching posts, soft perches, a removable and washable blanket, and a dangling ball, providing your cat a funny place to play, scratch, hide, nap and sleep. The top padded perch is a spacious suite, the lower part is their happy playground. On the first floor, your feline can play on the bottom and sharpen its nails. When they are tired of playing, they can enter the condo at the bottom or climb to the cozy condo on the second floor to have a quiet and private sleep. Everything your cat wants can be done here!

Features & Benefits

• Grey and white fasten a person's calm
• Multiple levels to explore
• Jute covered poles to entice cats away from furniture
• Stable and sturdy design, particleboard of the bottom
• Includes one ramp and plush cushion
• Features two pom toys
• Raised platform edges
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Minimalistic and modern design
• Easy assembly, includes all pieces and instructions required


• 157.00cm tall, 54.00x48.50cm base


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