PAWZ Road Enclosed 2 Ways Anti-splash Cat Litter Box

$59.99 CAD

The excellent Cat Potty has a drawer design, it provides easy access for scooping and cleaning with a cat litter scoop and brush. The foldable split installation does not take up space, and it has a large private space. Cats like to drill holes and go to the toilet in a confined space, which will make them feel safer and more comfortable. while maintaining the fresh smell of the house. The unidirectional design that pops forward and backward can shake off the cat litter without leaking.

Features and Benefits

• Multi-functions
• Easy to clean
• High Capacity for most cats
• Space-saving
• Easy to install
• Anti-Splash
• Deodorant
• Include a litter shovel


• 36 cm high, 38.50x48.00 cm base


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