PAWZ Road Desert Garden Plush Cactus Cat Tower

$99.00 CAD

Make your pet friends even better! This cactus cat scratch post has no thorns! The PAWZ Road Cactus Hammock Cat Tree Scratcher has withstood the force of playtime, while the stable double-layered baseboard lets your cactus kitten stretch, claw, and scratch all day long. The top and bottom of the cactus are made of plush fabric plush material, perfect for cats to stroke their noses.

Features and Benefits

• The cactus-shaped design adds a touch of fun and is more stylish.
• Fully sisal-wrapped posts help prevent your cat from damaging furniture, curtains, etc.
• Equipped with a comfortable top-of-the-line hammock
• Use fluffy pom-poms to give kittens the thrill of hunting as they hit them back and forth.


• 83.50cm tall, 54.50x39.50cm base


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