PAWZ Road Medium Splice Stand Luxury Cat Tree

$89.99 CAD

This luxurious and compact activity tree is the ultimate all-around place for your feline to do all the things they love to do while lounging, playing, and scratching. It comes with an oversized bass covered in raised pad rims, giving them a great place to rest and enjoy the sun. When it's nap time, the privacy and comfort of the apartment create a sense of security, allowing them to sleep better. The fully wrapped scraper is covered with natural sisal to satisfy their natural scratching urge and develop good scratching habits, while the fluffy hanging ball adds extra fun.

Features and Benefits

• Covered with super soft plush, closed design
• Use jute-covered poles to lure cats away from furniture
• Stable and robust design
• Multi-level exploration
• Come with a dangling ball
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Simple and modern design
• Easy to assemble, includes all required parts and instructions


• 85.00cm high, 49.00x30.00cm base


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