Pawz Road Outdoor Portable Foldable Pet Bath Swimming Pool

$39.99 CAD

Bring home a personal splash zone for your pup with the Outdoor Portable Foldable Pet Bath Swimming Pool. Made out of PVC material, this portable dog pool is easy to set up on any flat surface outside in the yard. There’s no inflating to get it to play ready—simply unfold and fill with clean water to give your dog a cool chill spot that’s perfect for those hot summer months. There are many ways a dog pool can level up playtime, from adding a refreshing twist to games of fetch to taking a cooling dip after a run. Plus, during the winter months, just drain it, dry it and fold it for easy storage. It’s available in different sizes to delight splash-happy pups of most proportions.

Features & Benefits

• Made out of PVC material, durable and scratch-resistant
• Multifunctional: can be a dog cat swimming pool or a dog bathing tub or a fish pond or a baby kid bath or a medicated bath
• Easy to fold and easy to carry or store, easy to assemble and disassemble
• Perfect for the hot summer months, as a refreshing dipping pool to stay cool in the heat.


• M:20.00cm tall, 80.00x80.00cm base

• L:30.00cm tall, 120.00x120.00cm base


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