Pawz Road Cool Large Hammock Modern Cat Tree

$139.99 CAD

Cool Large Hammock Modern Cat Tree is the ultimate all-in-one place for your kitty to do all the things she loves, from hanging out to jumping to honing her professional hunting skills. Lively cats can jump from habitat to habitat and climb to the top of watchtowers. Carefully placed dangling toys give the kitty a thrill in the hunt as she slaps them around until she's satisfied.

Features and Benefits

• Crafted from CARB-certified Board 
• Use jute-covered poles to lure cats away from furniture
• A large hammock
• Comes with two pom balls and two antislip mats
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Multiple levels to explore
• Easy to assemble, includes all required parts and instructions


• 108.00cm high, 48.00x39.50cm base


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