PAWZ Road Amusement Cat Toys 3 Levels Plate

$35.00 CAD
1. Four-Level Deisgn: All designs conform to the cat's design and self-entertainment, so that your cat can play, have fun and stay healthy. The cat toy consists of 3 levels, and the rolling ball can attract the cat’s attention.
2. Have Fun: The spinning ball on the level stimulates the cat’s senses and hunting instinct. The cat can play alone, eliminating the cat’s boredom and depression. 
3. Multi-cat Play: Multiple cats can play together, avoiding cat fights caused by only one toy. This will enhance their friendship and it helps solve the anxiety of cats.
4. High quality material: This cat toy is made of tear-resistant PP that can resist cat's paws from being damaged, can stimulate the kitten's desire to play. Long-term use of toys can improve IQ, effectively relieve pets’ boredom and stress, and can also improve cats’ physical fitness.

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