How to Train Your Dog to Poop Properly

In our lives of raising a dog, what is the most troublesome thing? Dog pooping anywhere I can surely say is one of them. In this issue, I’ll talk about it in detail. According to my experience, I have summed up three effective methods. I would like to share them with you. You can solve the problem according to your dog’s actual situation.


1. Cage Method: Check If Your Dog Want to Poop

It is very convenient to train your dog to poop properly by the cage method. Now let me introduce the specific steps.

When your dog becomes dependent on the cage and regards the cage as its own private space, training poop became a small problem. Because the dogs generally don’t poop in their small nests as toilets. Every time your dog eats and drinks water, you can put it in its cage and wait for its upcoming poop. After about 20 minutes, when you see your dog messing around or spinning around, you can take it out of the cage and take it to a destination area then give it a password (the dog is very smart, and for a long time it will know that the password is urging it to poop). Waiting for a few minutes, your dog can smoothly complete the poop. You have to insist on taking it to the same area every day. After about a week, your dog almost knows that it is its exclusive toilet.

The role of the cage here is to help us accurately grasp the poop of the dog every time because poop is the best time to train. Taking advantage of the dog's habit of not pooping where he sleeps, pet parents can cultivate their ability to suppress the urine and poop to reduce random pooping and urinating.


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2. Newspaper: Train Your Dog Poop in a Destination Area

Newspaper method is a very common way for training dogs to poop in a destination area. It takes advantage of the habit that a dog usually poops on the objects with its urine smell.

At the beginning, your dog doesn’t know the usage of the newspaper. You can suck up its poop with a newspaper, then wait until it dries. In the next time, if you find that your dog is sniffing around, you have to put it on the newspaper in time, and let it sniff familiar smell. You should observe it and stop it from running away. Generally speaking, your dog may know to poop in the newspaper after several days.

Afterward, you can gradually narrow the newspaper from two newspapers to one newspaper, to half of the newspaper. Meanwhile, you can also move the newspaper slowly to the destination area. Please, do not move too far each time.


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3. Regularly Poop in Outdoors

When your dog is three months old and has been injected with the vaccine, you can try to take it to poop outdoors. How to train your dog to poop outdoors?

After your dog eats, you can take it to take a walk outdoors, pay attention to wear a leash to your dog. When walking for about 20 minutes, your dog may want to poop. You need to bring it to a quiet corner so that it will not bother pedestrians and your dogs.

When your dog is pooping, you should not stare at it and watch it poop. Because it will feel uncomfortable. You can give it a password to poop and strengthen its conditioning.

If your dog doesn’t want to poop outdoors, you can carry a newspaper and training pad with the smell of its urine and put it on a destination position. Waiting patiently can make it poop smoothly. When your dog is pooping outdoors, you should also try to choose a fixed position, and at the same time pay attention to clean up the poop. The fertilizer does not flow outside the other field. The golden tower of your dog should be collected by yourself.


lovely dog with leashes


In Conclusion

  1. Dog poop training is a basic training that can be done when the dog is 1 month old, but the dog parents don’t overestimate the IQ of the 1-month-old dog, so it is likely to be a lasting training. More patience, better harvest!
  2. It is intended to control the amount of food and water that your dog consumes every day. Normally, the number and quantity of poops can be controlled by yourself.
  3. When your dog is five or six months old, its muscles can control poop like an adult dog. If you can reduce the number of times the puppy accidentally pee, then it will soon mature enough to control itself. So please don’t make a fuss when your dog doesn’t do what you want, because it may really don't hold it.
  4. It is best to use a fixed password as an instruction to urge your dog to poop. When the instruction is given, your dog is told in a short, firm tone to enhance the conditioning of it poo.

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